What Patients are Saying!

  • Over the years I have seen hundreds of doctors and tried thousands of things. In the end I found my salvation here with Dr. Milisen. Now my future is bright! And today I smile.

  • Dr. Milisen has been a beacon of light for me in my health crisis. I could not have gotten through without his vast knowledgeable, wisdom, and compassion. I am so grateful to have my health restored. He will be my doctor of choice always.

  • I have been given wonderful care for my chronic disease and am feeling so much better since I started getting treatment one year ago. The staff are wonderfully competent, friendly and caring. I travel out for treatment from the East coast and am grateful for all the help I am getting.

  • He is the doctors Doctor. I searched extensively before selecting Dr. Milisen, he knows the science and art of medicine. As a physician myself, the results I have experienced are amazing.

  • Dr. Milisen is brilliant, caring and goes to any length to find the right treatments for his patients. His compassion and intuition exceed any Dr or practitioner I have ever been to. And his patients really get better!

  • When it comes to personal care Dr. Milisen is the best. I have been a patient of his for 10 years and he has been my number 1 healthcare provider of choice. At age 65, I am in excellent health and attribute this to his timely remedies, his natural instincts and intuitiveness, and his ability to listen. His office staff are all friendly and helpful, making my visits to his office positive and enjoyable.

  • Dr. Milisen is awesome! I’m super grateful to have found him, he’s helped me through complicated health issues. His staff is kind and attentive as well.

  • Dr. Milisen has helped my immune system immensely and has given me the energy and life back that I used to have. I am only 34, so have a lot of life left to live, but autoimmune issues left me feeling like I was going to die. From neural therapy, IVs, and different supplements he prescribed. I am now back on track and if I ever need extra help, Dr. Milisen and his fabulous staff are always there for me!

  • I came to Dr. Milisen’s office over three years ago. Having seen many doctors for chronic Lyme disease before Dr. Milisen, I knew this experience would be different. He suggested I do an aggressive treatment twice a week. I followed all the protocols that were offered to me, each one bringing me closer to restored health. I have been getting my life back…. I highly recommend Dr. Milisen for ALL your medical needs!