Neural Therapy

NeuralTherapyNeural Therapy – What is it?

Dr. Milisen’s Suisse Neural Therapy is a treatment technique that combines many systems. It is based on the neurological reflex injection points discovered in the 1920’s in original neural therapy for pain. This evolved into segmental reflex points for organs and tissues. The Suisse technique then integrated the Voll acupuncture concept of meridians and organ disease and then the homeopathic and isopathic remedy systems from Switzerland, Germany, and Italy were added to the formulations. The neurological reflex points, meridian points, and formulations comprise what is now considered Suisse Neural Therapy.

The 3 Components-

Neural Therapy – This technique comes from the 1920’s and focuses on nerveplexes. It was found that pain, and later systemic disease, were helped and cleared up through knowledge of where to apply the treatments energetically. These doctors began what is known as segmental therapy that relates certain points in the body to the nerve centers for organs and glands in other areas of the body.

Voll Acupuncture – Dr. Voll reorganized the Chinese medicine approach and remapped how meridians energetically relate to illness and symptoms systemically, including the teeth. His approach is energetic and also involves reflex patterns for energy and symptoms through meridian mapping.

Formulations – This component takes many years to learn and truly is the “art “ part of Suisse Neural Therapy and involves combining specific remedies in solution from several European systems. These include Dr. Enderlein’s Isopathics, Hapten therapy, Homeotoxicologics, Anthroposophic formulas and drainage formulas from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Dr. Milisen began experimenting with the first of these systems in 1996 and has expanded to include custom formulations for each patient.

Doctor Milisen’s Perspective “Essentially, the field that I am in is very specialized and I work with many challenging cases where other approaches have had less than effective results. I integrated Suisse Neural Therapy with other techniques I had used in the ongoing quest to achieve better results safely and more quickly. This therapy has helped patients heal much more quickly and effectively and accelerates healing in very difficult cases.”

Why haven’t I heard of this?

“I had to go to Europe to learn the finer points of this technique. I work hard to find the newest and best approaches in these systems. Suisse Neural Therapy is a key component of European Biological and Naturopathic Medicine.” Dr Milisen has been trained at the world renowned Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland and he is a Diplomat of the U.S. Paracelsus Biological Medicine program. Dr. Milisen also attends ongoing training in this and other therapies at European and U.S. programs.