ProlotherapyHave you ever had a joint or soft-tissue make a popping noise or “pop” out of place? If you have there may be loose ligaments that allow the alignment of the bone to move into an incorrect position causing discomfort on other soft tissue and bony structures.

Have you had an injury, have scar tissue or pain? Prolotherapy addresses these types of structural problems by supplying a stimulus to connective tissues that results in the growth and restoration of proper cell types.

What can be treated?

  • Loose ligaments are excellent candidates for treatment with prolotherapy. The healing mechanism in this instance is due to therapeutic inflammation that causes the ligaments to stiffen into stronger and shorter structures. The result is ligaments that hold bones and tissues in place where they should be. This stabilizes joints and helps many in chronic pain.
  • Scar tissue injuries are also excellent candidates for a variation of prolotherapy called scar therapy. This involves breaking down the scar tissue and redirecting the tissue to heal into the shape of its original design. This returns the injured region back to proper anatomical and physiologic functioning.
  • Pain can be due to misalignment of the ligaments and tendons thus allowing the skeletal system to be improperly placed to deal with everyday activities thus resulting in pain.

How does it work?

  • The procedure involves the injection of anesthetic with other nutrients to help tighten ligaments and to resolve scars and injuries.
  • The delivery of these substances to the ligament and tendon structures allows the targeted tissues to begin the healing process immediately.
  • Many times manipulation of the structures after injection accelerates the healing process.

Is this a new technique?

  • Prolotherapy has been around since the 1930’s and has been quite helpful to many patients with musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.

What can you expect with treatment?

  • The initial evaluation will determine how many treatments will be necessary for your unique problem.
  • Often times patients can expect 3-8 treatments over the first 3-6 months. This can vary and really depends on the severity and type of dysfunction.  The session will consist of several injections in the region of dysfunction and related reflex zones that relate to those specific ligaments.

Can it work for you?

  • Yes! Especially if you have had trauma or injuries to soft tissue or ligamentous structures surrounding joints.
  • Another indicator is if spinal manipulations “hold” only for a short time. This can be sign of loose ligaments or scar tissue restricting range of motion.
  • Pain such as low back or headache that has not responded to other therapies

Patient Testimonials:

  • “I hurt my shoulder while lifting my 2 year old son into the car. I tried it all without success — Dr. Milisen got my shoulder back to normal with two prolotherapy treatments within a month!” 
J.L. — Working Mom
  • “My old karate foot injury improved 95% over three treatments and has not bothered me since!” P.D.—Teacher