The Toxigone method is a conglomerate of many years of working with patients with challenging health situations and my own personal life experiences.  The name Toxigone is a play on toxins and the removal of them. This is an important concept and really represents the need to build patients up and “prime” them before eliminating toxins. This is the safest way to proceed and will end in better results.

Toxigone is an approach to integrative natural medicine that combines state of the art therapies from the United States and Europe. This includes approaches from Naturopathic Medicine, European Biological Medicine, Anthroposophic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, and Conventional Medicine.

Please navigate the site for more information about us and the different kinds of treatments available.  I have been trained in numerous therapies including Suisse Neural Therapy, Chelation, Vitamin Infusions, Prolotherapy, and many others.  My goal is to help patients, with common sense and progressive therapies, to get results. Rome was not built in a day, but there is hope for chronic and difficult conditions.

Best Wishes in Health,
Dr. Robert G. Milisen, N.M.D. and Staff

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