Acupuncture is an ancient treatment method coming from China.  It involves very small needles that are inserted through the skin onto meridians, channels of energy flow.  The philosophy comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and relates to yin and yang. Essentially this is the balance between all things, dark and light, male and female, hot and cold, summer and winter etc.

Doctor administering a shot into the upper back below the neck.Dr. Milisen has been trained in traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine and integrates much of this theory into his patient plans. He primarily uses these points as Biopuncture points in Neural Therapy injections. Dr. Milisen is also trained in Korean Sujok acupuncture that works very well for acute and chronic conditions. All points are on the hands and use very small needles.  What is interesting is the overlap between so many different systems. The German biological dentists, such as Voll, used acupuncture meridian theory relating to the teeth. Each tooth is on a meridian and represents an organ (please see the biological dentistry section on this site). The overlap between different systems and different parts of the body helps to create a more holistic approach because it ties so many different levels of the human being together, giving a more complete flow to the body, mind and spirit.

Some examples of this are organ pairings on each meridian. Examples are the lung and large intestine; the lung is the yin organ and the large intestine is the yang organ. If there is a pathology in the lung, the large intestine can be one approach to treatment and in the large intestine treating the lung is helpful. Likewise the lower molars can relate to large intestine and lungs and can be another factor in such problems. Other meridian pairing examples are the heart and small intestine, spleen and stomach, kidney and bladder etc.

This information plays a role in all therapeutics and acupuncture itself can be a very helpful therapy in regulating the energy flow along the meridians. There are many different styles that come out of China, Japan, Korea and other countries.