Colon Hydrotherapy

Thermo-Hydro-Immune Support Therapy  (T.H.I.S)

Colon Hydrotherapy is used to support and enhance therapies for chronic illness and immune issues. Custom prescribed colon hydrotherapy aids in elimination of waste, supports digestion and the immune system.

Who Should Do This? Anyone wanting to improve their health, especially those with chronic illness, difficult digestion, fatigue, pain and other long-term issues.

We have combined several therapies for more potent results.

1. Thermal infrared therapy bed utilizing layered technology including jade, germanium and other materials. The layering system mimics technologies in the early 1960’s that condenses energies from the environment and helps patient’s nervous system and relaxes organs. There is the option to add gentle heat to increase the effect if needed.

2. Custom prescribed colon hydrotherapy with the latest technological instrument in a gentle manner that eliminates waste and begins the bodies dumping of bile and other products.

3. “Boosts” are then customized and administered to build good bacteria, support the immune system and help tissues in the bowel. These formulas are based off ancient Ayurvedic principles but also include anthroposophic, homeopathic, and modern neutraceutical formulations.


This therapy allows patients with toxicities, those eliminating infectious debris, herxheimer reactions, and others to move through the therapeutic process with less intensity and suffering.  The T.H.I.S. process speeds up the healing and has been making a big difference in the progress of our chronically ill patients.