COVID-19: Updates and Changes

IV room with plastic partition and air purifier and chairOur goal is to protect our patients, and if there are possible methods than can increase patient safety, then it is worth doing.

We have upgraded our patient protection policies and added in-office infection control devices. This helps reduce transmission of not just COVID-19, but other airborne and infectious diseases as well


  • Individual HEPA filters for each IV chair in addition to our office HEPA’s
  • There is 150 square foot air coverage per chair so that the air in the room is filtered multiple times per minute
  • Office staff will wear masks at patients request

Continued and Enhanced Hygiene Policies

  • Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection of all surfaces including door knobs and chairs before and after each patient
  • Additional office air peroxide, ultraviolet and ozone air ionizers

If You Have a Fever or Shortness of breath

  • You can do a phone visit
  • Please let us know if you have had possible exposures