These are pockets of infection in the jaw bone and can result in all kinds of health problems. I have seen patients that should respond to various treatments respond and then in a seemingly random sequences they regress or stop progressing. This random pattern can indicate a cavitation and with a history of facial trauma and / or tooth extraction that may have cavitations. First, this needs to be investigated with a panoramic x-ray, digital if possible. This can be followed by a cavitat test if necessary to see if the pocket is causing current problems. The cavitat is a special kind of machine that is basically an ultrasound specially developed for jaw bone porosity. It can help specify if a hole is not normal to the bone and if there is potential bone infection and inflammation going on. If there is a cavitation, and it fits the symptom picture, then it can be addressed most often through surgery. It is very important to find a dentist who has experience with this surgery and knows how to protect the patient with vitamin C IV’s, ozone, and other procedures. They must know how much of the bone to remove and to make sure that it is completely taken out. If this is not done correctly the cavitation will not heal correctly and the whole process will have to be done again.

Root Canals-

Root canals are an attempt to structurally save a tooth. Some patients tolerate these and others do not. The group of very ill and the chronic disease group usually cannot tolerate root canals. The problem is the root has millions to billions of microtubules that the root canal specialist attempts to fill. Even if they do an excellent job it is likely that at least 30% of the tubules will not be completely filled. If they are partially filled there are small pockets that can contain all kinds of anaerobic organisms that create low grade inflammation and a drain on the immune system. These roots each lie energetically on an organ and meridian channel and the corresponding organ and systems can begin to degrade and show signs of disease. The low grade infections in the canals also create a constant drain on the immune system, weakening the system to other infections and problems.


The best and simplest list for the mercury removal I have found is in Dr. Tom McGuires book The Poison in Your Teeth. There is a lot of information on mercury and it is a good primer of the basic problem. I like his removal list and have used part of that to help organize my list.
First, it is important to understand what the problems can be with the removal process. The biggest problem comes from heating the mercury with a drill as it is removed. This can vaporize the mercury and it goes right into the body, so it is crucial to minimize any vaporization. I have found it to be very helpful to protect the liver, kidneys and thyroid during this process and to make sure that the organ flow and systems are draining and moving properly. If not, there is a risk of damage and recirculation of mercury into the body and other tissues.

Getting them out:

Cool the fillings

-This involves a lot of rinsing of the teeth with cool water during the procedure.

Chunking the amalgams

-This removes large pieces of filling, reducing surface area and hence decreasing potential vaporization.

Mercury Ionizer

-This is a special device that helps to ionize mercury vapor out of the air and prevent it from being taken into the body.

Rubber Dam

-This is best as silicone is more resistant to mercury vapor. The main purpose is to prevent amalgam material from being swallowed.

High Volume Suction

-This is a special high power vacuum system that will remove mercury vapors from the mouth.


– It is very important to receive an infusion of Vitamin C and other nutrients. These can be custom fit to be chelations, Vitamin C, glutathione and others depending on whether you are removing fillings alone or other items such as abscesses or extractions etc.

Suisse Neural Therapy

– A great aid in draining the organs and the deep nerve groups in the region to protect the nervous system and move toxins away from the head.


– There are many protocols out there and it is a good idea to do something before and after to help the body clear the toxins.
Most of all, find a dentist and a doctor who know what they are doing. Talk is cheap and if they do not know the basic concepts on this page, please continue shopping around.
Remember it is important to eliminate the source of mercury such as fillings and then to follow up with the rest of the body–chelation etc. over time to remove the metals deposited over time.