European Biological Medicine

What Is European Biological Medicine?

“Bio” means life and “logic” means knowledge, hence biologic means knowledge of life. Biological medicine is a term summarizing a methodology of care that supports the bodily systems to heal with the wisdom of nature.

Biological medicine consists of many different therapies that follow a philosophy based on the laws of nature and actually follows the tenants of Naturopathic Medicine (see Naturopathic Medicine tab).  These philosophies acknowledge the healing power of nature and that the body is wise.  This health system is truly integrative and holistic as it incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in the path from one of “dis-ease” to one of health.  Do no harm is an important element to follow and of course to treat the cause.  It is crucial to figure out what is the problem–the cause or causes of what is happening and how these problems relate to all levels of the human being.

Some therapies utilized in this approach are the following:

  1. Infusions – alkalizing, nutrient and building, chelation, anti-oxidant, and immune
  2. Neural Therapy – Suisse, combining where the injections go, how they are injected and what formulations are used
  3. Isopathy – according to and following Enderlein’s work
  4. Anthroposophic Medicine – Using the philosophy of the constitutions, rhythmic cycles, organ flow
  5. Homeopathy – energized, dilutions to repel out of phase frequencies and bring harmony to the system
  6. Homeotoxicology – German low dose homeopathy to drain the organ and reverse the chronic disease process
  7. Orthomolecular Medicine – Nutrient and micronutrient approaches to health
  8. Herbal Therapies – Western, eastern, Ayurvedic, Chinese, rainforest, mycology, ecclectics
  9. Biopuncture – Injections along acupuncture meridians and points