About Us

DrMilisenDr. Robert G. Milisen is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor in the state of Arizona.  His experience from his chemistry background, along with practicing as an N.M.D. since 1999, has lead him to a method of therapeutics and an approach to disease he calls Toxigone. This literally means to get rid of the bad stuff–the toxins to be gone from the body and mind.

Many approaches work on this detox methodology, but they are too aggressive and harsh. Most patients that we work with have very difficult situations and require finesse and a lot of individualization to care.  Almost all patients require building up the system, helping organs to drain, decreasing infectious loads and foci, and then the body can begin a very gentle detox.  These detox modes must be cycled carefully and the kidneys and liver must be monitored closely to avoid any problems.

This process can take some time, but instead of throwing a grenade into an archeological dig, this process is like the tooth brush that can preserve the artifacts and provide a longer term survival of the system.

Our office is an environmentally friendly office that is meant to be calm and soothing and patients from all backgrounds are welcome.  The only requirement is that they truly want to get well.  Please call or email our office if you have questions.